C#, C++, C, GLSL, Objective-C, Java, PHP, TypeScript, SQL
Windows, Linux, Mac OS X
Visual Studio, Xamarin, MySQL, Blender3D, GIMP, Mirth

Professional Experience:
Hewlett Packard
Alpharetta, GA
Software Designer
June 2010 - present
Envisionier Medical Technologies, Inc.
Canton, GA
Senior Software Developer
February 2009 - June 2010
  • Created online data storage and collaborative web application for endoscopists (
  • Developed RESTful web services running on Amazon EC2 and S3 using PHP and MySQL
  • Built cross platform web browser client using Silverlight
  • Built iPhone native client using Objective-C
  • Implemented EMR interface using Mirth
Media Power USA, Inc. / Magitech division
Atlanta, GA
Senior Software Developer
May 2008 - December 2008
  • Developed AR demos for WinCE based mobile devices using C++, DirectShow and OpenGL
  • Ported OpenCV to the iPhone
  • Implemented web services to support image and voice based search using J2EE
  • Implemented Linux daemon to allow web services to communicate with image processing kernel using C++, Pthreads and Berkeley sockets
  • Built iPhone (Objective-C) and Windows Mobile (C++) image and voice search clients
  • Built prototype enterprise mobile search and ad delivery system in 2 months
Atlanta, GA
Product Development Manager/Lead Software Developer
May 2006 - May 2008
  • Worked with domain experts to gather requirements
  • Built distributed batch processing system using C++, Pthreads and Berkeley sockets
  • Built simple CMS supporting user access privileges and file upload and download using PHP and MySQL
  • Designed and developed medical visualization software using C++, OpenGL, C#, ActiveX, and MySQL
  • Implemented mass-spring system for surgical simulation
  • Implemented novel 3D volume visualization algorithms on the GPU using GLSL
  • Developed and implemented a new method for airway analysis of CT scans
  • Provided technical support and training for customers and internal staff
  • Received Joseph E. Johnson Clinical Award at the 2007 AAO Annual Session
Georgia State University
Atlanta, GA
Graduate Research Assistant for Dr. Ying Zhu
May 2005 - May 2006
  • Worked with interdisciplinary team
  • Researched and developed new interaction techniques for VR molecular modeling
  • Presented work at VRST 2005 short paper session and SIGGRAPH 2005 poster session
  • Researched and developed new algorithms for dynamic terrain
  • Implemented vehicle simulation
  • Presented work at ISVC 2006 short paper session
  • Supported by NIH and NSF grants
Virtually Better, Inc.
Decatur, GA
Lead Software Developer
October 2001 - May 2006
  • Developed and shipped 10 commercial applications
  • Built VR applications using C++, OpenGL and proprietary libraries
  • Added support for orientation trackers to SVE and 3DGameStudio
  • Contributed to design and development of Envirodyne VR scent machine
  • Demonstrated system to customers at trade shows
  • Provided technical support and training for customers

Georgia State University
Atlanta, GA
Graduate Studies in Computer Science
May 2005 - May 2006
Clayton State University
Morrow, GA
Bachelor of Information Technology
May 2003
Distinguished College of Information & Mathematical Sciences Alumnus