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This is an early effort to implement a simplified terramechanics model in real-time using the GPU. The effort so far has focused on terrain-wheel force interaction, terrain deformation and adaptive tessellation techniques. My contributions include researching current terramechanics models, researching current techniques in the use of the GPU as a general purpose processor, and implementing the vehicle dynamics. The vehicle dynamics are based on the HMMWV M1114 (Humvee). I used the Tokamak physics engine for its collision detection and integrator, but I wrote the drivetrain model and tire contact patch force calculator. The tire dynamics are computed using the so called "magic formula" developed by Dr. Hans B. Pacejka. Additionally, I take into account soil compression effects based on models by Mieczyslaw G. Bekker. The simulation includes realistic vehicle dynamics, deformable terrain using the texture-fetch lookup operator in shader model 3.0, and different camera modes including "in the driver seat". Our work was presented at the International Symposium on Visual Computing in 2006.

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