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Virtual Public Speaking
This software is used by clinical psychologists to treat fear of public speaking. I worked with a team of 2 artists and 3 programmers to create this suite of virtual reality applications in about 4 months. One technical challenge involved integrating the VFX3D and Intersense Inertiacube orientation trackers with a 3D authoring tool called 3DGameStudio. I accomplished this by writing a DLL in C++ using the plugin API for 3DGameStudio. The next major problem was displaying video from up to 5 streams simultaneously. I wrote a multithreaded AVI reader that pulled video frames from a SCSI array, converted them to Direct3D textures and uploaded the textures to the video card for display. I was able to maintain a playback rate of 20 fps for each video and a display rate of 60 fps.

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