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Medical Visualization and Simulation
To develop this complex software I worked with some of the top maxillofacial sugeons and radiologists in the world. As technical lead in a team of 3 other programmers I not only had to gather requirements from domain experts, I also had to design the system and write code. All of the visualization was written by me from scratch in C++ using OpenGL (VTK and other third party libraries were not allowed). The simulation was developed at Stanford University. The code was originally written to run in Irix on an SGI machine, so I had to port it to work on a PC. I built the renderer as an ActiveX control so that the UI could be written in a higher level language. We wrote the UI in C# using WinForms. The software features semiautomatic registration of a suface mesh with CT volume data, realtime interactive volume visualization, automatic segmentation of anatomical features, digital radiograph generation, maxillofacial surgical simulation and analysis of airways. I received the Joseph E. Johnson Clinical Award along with Dr. William Harrell and Dr. Joe Mayes at the 2007 AAO Annual Session for our table clinic entitled "Applications of 3-D Facial Imaging". We presented actual clinical cases that were prepared using the software.

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