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Addiction Cue Reactivity
This suite of VR applications was designed to be used in a experiment by Dr. Patrick Bordnick at the University of Georgia. His experimental model puts addicted persons into a virtual environment where they are exposed to various cues in order to elicit and measure a craving response. Over the course of a year, and with a team of 3 programmers and 3 artists we built 6 environments. One of the biggest cues for craving is smell. We developed a scent delivery machine for virtual environments with Environdyne Systems. I wrote requirements and designed the programming interface for the machine. We used a USBMicro U421 microcontroller to interface with the machine. I also integrated support for the Z800 tracker into the SVE library. These environments made heavy use of shaders which I wrote in HLSL. The glass effect was achieved by implementing reflection mapping with a Fresnel term. Other shaders included ambient occlusion and special effects such as cigarette smoke and a lava lamp.

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